Our Past

The Brotherhood follows a smaller model used by a school in the San Diego area. Upper-class men mentored younger students, encouraging them to get involved and push themselves at school. One individual who came up with the group in San Diego became a very successful teacher, moving to Colorado in 2005. His name is Jeremy Gee, and he helped establish a group that has come to be known as the Brotherhood mission. That is to develop positive and powerful leaders in our schools and community and to teach young men to live with character.

Today the group is made up of black males ages 14 – 18, who are working together to better themselves as students and young adults. This is accomplished through collaborative efforts in study groups and weekly meetings throughout the school year. Those students, who participated in all group study sessions, as well as the weekly meetings, showed in increase their GPA by .5 above the students who did not participate by the end of the school year. The group members also participate in community service projects and outreach programs with the elementary and middle school children in the community which helps to develop strong character and promote the message of “Brotherhood” among their peers. The ultimate goal, however, is to change the lives of black males throughout Colorado and across the country by empowering them with the knowledge and confidence to pursue their dreams and strive for greatness.

Building Bonds

The Brotherhood works closely with local schools, universities, and organizations to close the achievement gap, advance the economy and culture of Colorado’s African American community.

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