Leadership Team

Vision, Values, Mission, Leadership

The Brotherhood's leadership team guides the organization in its mission to empower and positively develop young men of color; through mentorship, living with integrity, striving for academic and personal success, respecting, interacting, and effectively partnering with others to positively transform Colorado’s African-American community. 


Christian Caldwell

Vice Presidents 

Tanya Ilela 

Chief of Staff and Vice President of Strategy

Yvette Rolison

COO and Vice President for Budget and Finance


Chief Advisor and Vice President for Education Operations

Daniel Sampson

Chief Mentor and Vice President for Community Affairs

Jalen Hughes 

Vice President for Public and Alumni Relations


Vice President for Development 


Charmaine Lindsay, Esq

General Counsel and Vice President

Sybil Owens

Special Assistant to the President for MBSK Initiative 


Chapter Advisors and Mentors

New Leadership Staffing Coming Soon 

Building Bonds

The Brotherhood works closely with local schools, universities, and organizations to close the achievement gap, advance the economy and culture of Colorado’s African American community.

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Colorado needs more African American males to create highly educated workforce, grow our economy, and engage the community as whole. With your support we can keep The Brotherhood and Colorado strong.

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