President Caldwell

Christian A. Caldwell, a Political Science graduate of MSU Denver became President, Chair of the Board of Trustees of The Brotherhood in July 2012. Since taking the helm of his alma mater, Caldwell has enhanced The Brotherhood’s standing as one of the state’s up and coming non-profits, advancing the economy, and culture of Colorado and beyond. 

As President and former member, The Brotherhood has helped him and other African American youths achieve character and leadership success, and he hopes to help them do the same. Caldwell’s aims to take the organization on a national level, with the intent to eventually help other minorities achieve their educational and life goals.

President Caldwell has always valued education even in the face of adversity, appreciating that the result was worth the hard work. Caldwell found himself homeless, often moving from couch to couch of various friends and family but stayed committed to his education. Caldwell, a transfer from CSU-Pueblo, is aspiring to change his community.

His aspiring political career will lead him to his next education goal, law school.  “One thing that I have learned is that although life gets in the way, it doesn’t mean you have to give up your education and your dreams. That success is obtainable with little hard work and support from friends, family, and the community.”

President Caldwell currently attends the University of Denver, where he is working on his Master of Science in Organization and Leadership.