Strategic Plan 2021

The Brotherhood Strategic Plan 2021 

Strategic Plan


The Brotherhood’s vision is to empower young gentlemen of color, to become effective and innovative change makers.

Role and Mission

The Brotherhood’s mission is dedicated to the empowerment and positive development of young men of color. We support our mission through mentorship, living with integrity, striving for academic and personal success, respecting, interacting, and effectively partnering with others to positively transform Colorado’s African-American community.

The Brotherhood Core Values and Principals 

The Brotherhood's mission, vision, ongoing operations, and strategic planning is guided by a set core of values that define who we are and aspire to be as a Change Maker in the community we serve.

He had a Dream: We are the Dream.

We are … leading by example

We are … achieving success

We are … Lifting Others up

We are …  Making others take notice

We are … are one

We are … proud

We are … the future 

We are … the dream

The Brotherhood’s three distinct principals that guide us in living by core values set above.

Promotes leadership by creating opportunities for students to build critical social skills that are valuable for the community and today's global economy.

  • Empowerment

  • Inspiring

  • Influence

Promotes character by enriching each young men's skills and talents to build a distinctive positive role model for their community.

  • Self Esteem

  • Self-Awareness

  • Cultural Identity 

  • Integrity

We will encourage accountability for one's education. Provides support for students to navigate the educational system. Offers positive roles models that define the values of success through education and hard work.

  • Education

  • Accomplished

  • Purpose

Four Strategic Themes and Initiative Areas

We will do this with a continued commitment to our strategic themes and initiative areas:

  • Student and Academic Success
  • Communication and Organization Culture
  • Community Engagement and Organization Identity
  • Organization Resources and Fiscal Responsibility   

Strategic Initiative Areas

  • Community and School-Based Chapters and Programs
  • Major and Special Events (both nonprofit and chapter events)
  • Advocacy


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Colorado needs more African American males to create highly educated workforce, grow our economy, and engage the community as whole. With your support we can keep The Brotherhood and Colorado strong.

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Building Bonds

The Brotherhood works closely with local schools, universities, and organizations to close the achievement gap, advance the economy and culture of Colorado’s African American community.

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