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2nd Annual Smoky Hill Brotherhood Summit

Once Again?Celebrating Diversity in the Smoky Hill Community
February 26th, 2016

AURORA, COLORADO – Smoky Hill High School’s P.A.S.S. (Partnerships for Academically Successful Students) committee is proud to announce that its 2nd Annual Smoky Hill Brotherhood Summit will be held Saturday, February 27, 2016, from 8:00am–3:00 pm. The theme of this year’s Summit is Achieving Success in the 21st Century: Empower – Action – Resilience. 

Developed for African American/Black male 8th—12th-grade students, the Summit’s goal is to inspire, motivate, and educate them on the issues that shape their world as young men.  It stems from the collaboration between local schools, nonprofit organizations, and trained consulting staff all of which are passionate about furthering the education and development of our African American youth.   Throughout the day, the students will engage in a series of workshops that cover the topics of leadership, empowerment, and academic success at the middle/high school level, while fostering resilience and developing awareness around the need for social justice within their schools, communities and a global society.

Last year’s inaugural Summit was an extraordinary success with the opening keynote given by Urban League CEO and Denver House District 11 City Council candidate Sean Bradley.  State House Representative Jovan Melton delivered the closing keynote.  The speakers for the 2016 Summit will include:

Adrian E. Miller – Nationally recognized and award-winning author (Soul Food: The Surprising Story of an American Cuisine, One Plate at a Time), former special assistant to President Bill Clinton, Denver native, soul food scholar, and Smoky Hill High School alumnus

Chase Vaughn – Former Denver Broncos Linebacker and Smoky Hill High School alumnus

Dr. Eddie Moore, Jr., America & Moore, LLC ( – Sponsored by a partnership with CCSD Office of Inclusive Excellence and Denver Public Schools, Dr. Eddie Moore is a national speaker who will present a workshop on Diversity, as well as deliver the keynote address

“We are extremely proud of the work that went into our first Summit and are excited to help build upon that foundation for this year,” commented Matt Gonzales, Smoky Hill High School Vice Principal, and PASS advisor.  “Being our first undertaking, we didn’t know what to expect.  But hearing the discussions during the sessions and seeing the young men’s brightened faces at the end of the day showed that we had done something special.”

As a complement to the Summit, there will be a panel geared towards caregivers and the challenges they face in getting their student prepared for life after high school.  “It’s one thing to get the student’s mind on the right track for a successful post-high school transition, but it’s another to make sure that they have a proper support system at home,” states Christian Caldwell, President, and Chair of the Brotherhood.  “During the planning process, we thought that providing parents with some tools to help them along their student’s journey would be beneficial to all sides.”


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