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The Brotherhood championing the Colorado Alliance for My Brother and Sister’s Keeper media

The Brotherhood championing the Colorado Alliance for My Brother and Sister’s Keeper

January 3rd, 2019

Greetings Community Stakeholders, 

 As many may know, The Brotherhood and Sisterhood programs have been a household name in the Metro Denver area. Its success is recognized for the impact of building young men and women to become effective and innovative change makers. It has been through this commitment over the past 13 years, that we have served over 500 young men and women with an established support system built upon meaningful relationships, shared wisdom and strategies, with networking opportunities that follow them into adulthood. It is our goal to ensure that each young man and woman can utilize their education, refine their talent, and achieve success in the real world. 

 It’s because of this success, I want to invite everyone to take part in a huge endeavor. The Brotherhood over the next few months will explore the feasibility and potential in launching the Colorado Alliance for My Brother and Sister’s Keeper - a collaboration between government, public and private sectors “to confront the cumulative adverse childhood experiences that now have intergenerational effects for communities of color” (MBSKSF, 2018), particularly for Africana/African Americans. With this may come reforming and rebranding The Brotherhood Non-Profit as My Brother and Sister’s Keeper of Colorado. I believe taking on this venture will better align the organization with national practices and initiatives, attract diverse funding sources, enhance and streamline the brand recognition already received by both programs and accelerate the positive transformation of Colorado’s communities of color.  

This decision has been a long coming factor for the organization; especially as we have worked to develop the community mentoring program, the expansion into APS, and the joining of The Sisterhood programs underneath The Brotherhood umbrella. With The Brotherhood and Sisterhood laying a lot of the groundwork, I know we as a community can accomplish this venture if we work together. Over the next few weeks, The Brotherhood will reach out to many stakeholders soliciting feedback on a draft framework and action plan for the alliance. We will seek an inclusive leadership model to ensure all voices are heard from a diverse perspective of constituents and stakeholders. From there we will develop a timeline and steps necessary to move forward. Please watch your email, The Brotherhood website and social media channels for updates regarding this undertaking. I want to thank everyone in advance for their help and making this a reality for Colorado’s communities of color.  

Yours Truly, 

Christian A. Caldwell, M.S.